Principal Investigator

Greg Tucker-Kellogg

Research Assistant

  • Preethi Pillai, MS

Graduate students

  • Esther Ong
    Thesis: Distinguishing SMAD2- and SMAD3- driven effects of TGF-β signaling in a metastatic breast cancer model
  • Zhang Siting
    Thesis: Investigation of TGF-β-associated master-like transcription factors in breast cancer
  • Zhou Li (Main supervisor: Katsutomo Okamura )
    Thesis: Diverse ways of controlling miRNA expression during fly development
  • Tan Mingchen
    Thesis: Integrative analysis of heterogeneous biological regulatory networks using a prize collecting Steiner forest
  • Ah Jung Jeon
    Thesis: Investigation of single cell, single locus multivalent chromatin dynamics
  • Cai Yichao
    Thesis: Bivalent chromatin interactions involving silencing states
  • Jeremy Ng
    Thesis: Reversable optogenetic activation of TGF-β pathway signaling

FYP students

  • Matthew Ng Kai Wen
  • Ong Yi Ying

UROPS students

  • Charlene Kwang
  • Rachelle Lee
  • Lakshmi Alagappan (Co-supervisor: Lisa Tucker-Kellogg )